In which year John I Count of Hainaut born?

John I, Count of Hainaut

A. 1230

B. 1228

C. 1225

D. 1218

Ans: D. 1218

John I born on 1st May, 1218 in Houffalize, he was the eldest son of Margaret II of Flanders by her initial husband, Bouchard IV of Avesnes, because the wedding of Margaret and Bouchard was papally dissolved, he was thought-about illegitimate.

His mother was remarried to William Rufus of Dampierre and bore additional kids World Health Organization might claim her inheritance. Thus, John and his brother Baldwin undertook to receive imperial recognition of their legitimacy and did therefore from the Emperor town II in March 1243, on five December 1244, Margaret heritable Flanders and Hainaut and selected her eldest son by her second husband, William III of Dampierre, as her heir. forthwith a war, referred to as the War of the Succession of Flanders and Hainault, was depart over the rights of inheritance, indentation John against William.

After 2 years of fighting, in 1246, Saint Louis of France intervened to settle the conflict, he granted Hainaut to John and Flanders to William. However, Margaret refused at hand Hainaut over to John, on half dozen June 1251, William of Flanders was dead and it had been shown that the Avesnes family had supported the crime. On four July 1253, John defeated the armies of Margaret and her second Dampierre son, Guy, at the Battle of West-Capelle. Guy was confined and Margaret united to sell her rights to Hainaut to Charles of Anjou if he would recapture it from John. John's in-law William Rufus, Count of Kingdom of The Netherlands, World Health Organization had been nonappointive German King (or "King of the Romans"), was convinced to grant Hainaut (an imperial fief) and people Flemish lands among the Empire to John. Charles was defeated and King Joe Louis, coming back from the Crusade, ordered his brother to abide by his arbitration of 1246, on twenty two November 1257, Guy finally relinquished Hainaut, however John died on holiday in Valenciennes.

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